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Günter Haupricht
Geschäftsleitung / Gesellschafter
Produktmanagement Garn,
technische Folien

emuco Ernst Müller & Co. OHG was founded as a sales agency in 1964 by
the merchant Ernst Müller. Until then he was the technical purchasing manager
of Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk AG, a cable producing company in Cologne.
Ernst Müller & Co. OHG grew continuously and 4 years later - in 1968 - Mr.
Günter Haupricht joined the company as associate partner.Together they
expanded their activity as sales representatives and thus their customer base.
Their focus always was the cable and wire industry.
In 1986 the younger brother, Mr. Klaus Haupricht, joined the company because
Ernst Müller had to leave due to his health condition. Since 2000 Ernst Müller &
Co. OHG - besides their activities as sales representatives - have been

establishing a trading company. They continuously extended their range of
products - with emphasis on special target groups. Supported by the consulting
agency J.B.H. Gupta's Enterprise, Berlin, emuco could successfully build up
contacts with partner companies in China and India. Meanwhile, this resulted
in trustful business relations for imports into Europe. The guideline of emuco
always has been the aim to satisfy the demands of their customers.


Klaus Haupricht
Geschäftsleitung / Gesellschafter
Produktmanagement Vliese,

In 2008 the first trade fair presentation was realised during Wire Düsseldorf
(wire and cable trade fair). After employing more personnel for internal and
external sales services, in 2010 emuco moved to new offices with an own
storage facility in Cologne.

2012 the eldest son of Günter Haupricht, Michael Haupricht joined the company.
Since 2014 he is also associate partner. Beginning of 2012 we made a big
step forward by establishing our own production site in Haßloch. This site is
organized by our production and technical manager Thomas Schönung and
comprises also a large storage facility. For the first time we are able to
produce our own products like tapes and yarns.


1964 foundation of the company
1968 Günter Haupricht joins the company
1986 Ernst Müller retires and Klaus Haupricht joins the team
2000 implementation of own range of products
2000 employment of new staff members
2010 move to new office with own storage facility
2011 change of company name to emuco Ernst Müller & Co. OHG
2012 Michael Haupricht joins the company
         Employment of Thomas Schönung as production manager
         Start-up of the production site Haßloch
2014 50th anniversary
2015 ISO 9001/2015 certification
2017 Michael Haupricht leaving the Company
Status 1.1.2018: emuco has 2 associate partners and 10 staff members

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